Short Fiction Story-Christmas Special Story In English🔥🔥🔥

Short Fiction Story-Christmas Special Story In English🔥🔥🔥

Do You Believe In Santa Claus? – Short Fiction Story 🔥🔥🔥

Do You Believe In Santa Claus? – Short Fiction Story: Seven-year-old Dona was a wee bit older than her little sis Fiona and way younger than her 10-year-old big brother Luke. 

Christmas was just around the corner and since none of her kids believed in Santa Claus, their mum Luna decided to be frank with them.

On a bright Monday morning, with just a week left for Christmas, she made an important announcement. (Christmas Special Story In English)

“Children as the money’s a little tight at the moment, each of you will be getting one small gift so that I can buy your daddy the file cabinet he needs badly,” she said.

While Luke’s face turned gloomy, Dona and Fiona weren’t too upset. Why? Well, they had several dolls, especially Barbies, and games to play within their free time.

About two days before Christmas, when their daddy was away at work, their mum brought out a huge carton and a large roll of glossy wrapping paper.

“Sweethearts I need your help to wrap the gift. Don’t forget that your daddy’s gift is our secret,” Luna winked at her children. (Christmas Special Story In English)

While the girls got the cello tape, Luke found the scissors. Once the cabinet was decorated, the four of them dragged it into the storeroom. After all, their father never went there.

So it was decided that the big carton would be put under the tree as a surprise for daddy when he got up for Christmas breakfast. 

Dona and Luke knew that their parents always stayed up till the wee hours on Christmas Eve, putting presents under the tree before going to sleep.

Dona had her own alarm, it was her a birthday gift from daddy, and set it at 12:30 am so that she could be the first one to check out the gifts under the tree.

The moment the clock struck twelve, she waited for a while and tiptoed into the hall room. She saw three small gifts. It hurt somewhere. Know what was worse? The smallest gift box had her name ‘Dona’. (Christmas Special Story In English)

Dona did not dare to touch it. She did not want to guess what her one and only gift was and spoil the fun. So she walked back to her room and slid under her quilt. The smiley-faced quilt could not quite comfort her.

And lo! It was finally Christmas morning soon. Dona jumped out of her bed and taking little Fiona by her arm, she rushed down the stairs. Luke was already there.

The three of them helped drag out daddy’s gift. Breakfast was quite grand with bacon, rolls, muffins, and ice-creams!

“Mum it’s time for presents, let’s go,” said little Fiona. And they all went back into the drawing-room.

Fiona was the first one to rip off the gift paper. It was a pretty drawing book. “Thank you, daddy and mommy,” she said trying to sound happy.

Dona followed next. And her smile was genuine when she saw it was a dainty jewelry box. It even had a built-in mirror. “I love it,” she said.

Mommy and daddy smiled as Luke opened his box and found a red-colored car. “This is nice,” he smiled. (Christmas Special Story In English)

Then their mum suggested, “Help daddy open his present.”

The three of them ripped off the glossy paper and Lo!!!! Luke screamed. Shouts of joy and wonder-filled the hall as the three kids discovered more than a dozen wrapped gifts with their names on it inside the carton.

And Luke being Luke grabbed at all the boxes with his name. (Christmas Special Story In English)

And then they remembered. They looked towards daddy to see if he was disappointed.

“What about the cabinet mum, you said daddy needs it badly?” Dona asked.

To this, her mum just smiled at her, “Honey, how could you forget that we got it for him on his birthday last year. In fact, this is the cabinet’s carton.”

Indeed none of the three children had remembered! But who did? Well, Santa knew exactly what Daddy needed, and do you know what it was – it was a fountain pen set. For mum, there was a knitted red cardigan.

Santa after all never forgets anyone – especially sweet little children who have been good throughout the year. (Christmas Special Story In English)

The next few hours were spent with the three children gushing over their gifts – there were toys, books, crayons, hats, rings, cars, bikes, caps, toy guns……. 

It was the best surprise Santa could have given them! And yes, the children learned to believe in Santa after all.

So, little ones what would you like this Christmas? Would you like to read another short Christmas story? (Christmas Special Story In English)


A Special Christmas Gift – A Short Story 🔥🔥🔥

Short Fiction Story-Christmas Special Story In English: It was little Rhea’s first Christmas without her dad and her mum wanted to make it her best Christmas ever. 

Are you thinking where Rhea’s daddy was? Well, he was part of a high-security mission far away in the Middle East and could not make it home for Christmas.

When Rhea arrived at her little house, she found that her mum and grandmum had waited up all night for her to arrive from the boarding school. 

After hugging them, Rhea ran into the house, which seemed very empty without her father. All her enthusiasm seemed to have evaporated.

Her mum knew it was up to her to make this Christmas special for her. (Christmas Special Story In English)

Rhea’s father used to say that the Christmas tree was the most special decoration of all. So they set to work, bringing out the beautiful artificial tree that was stored in the huge closet. 

There in the closet with the tree was a wonderful array of ornaments, many of which had been her daddy’s when he was young. As they unwrapped each one, Rhea’s grandmum had a story to tell her.

Rhea’s mum decorated the tree with bright white lights and a glowing red button garland. Then Rhea and her grandmum carefully decorated the tree with the ornaments; and finally, Rhea was given the honor of lighting the tree. Once this was done, they all stopped to admire their handiwork.

And, wonder how it looked? It looked magnificent, as beautiful as the tree in the shopping center.

But something was missing! (Christmas Special Story In English)

“Mommy!!!!!!! Where’s the star mum?” Rhea asked. The star was her favorite.

“Why, it must be here somewhere,” her mum replied, starting to sort through the boxes again.

“Your daddy, the sweetheart, always packed everything carefully when he took the tree down,” Rhea’s grandmum said.

All three of them started emptying box after box. Yet, they found no star. Little Rhea’s eyes filled with tears. (Christmas Special Story In English)

It was no ordinary ornament, but a beautiful golden star covered with colored jewels and purple lights that blinked on and off. 

Dad had bought it for his angel some seven years ago, on their first Christmas together. So, it was extra special.

Now, on her first Christmas without him, the star was gone, too, just like her daddy.

“Don’t worry, Rhea,” her mum reassured her. “We’ll find it for you.” And with this Rhea, her mum, and her grandmum formed a search group.

“Let’s start in the closet where the ornaments were,” Rhea’s mum said.

So Rhea and her mum climbed on two chairs and began to search the closet. They found her dad’s old yearbooks and photographs of relatives, Christmas cards from years gone by, cars, toy guns, and jewelry boxes, but no star.

Grandmum searched under beds and over shelves until they had exhausted every possibility. They could see how disappointed Rhea was, although she tried not to show it.

“We could buy a new star,” grandmum offered. (Christmas Special Story In English)

“I’ll buy you a prettier one from the mall,” Rhea’s mum said.

“No, it is really okay mum,” Rhea said. “This year, we won’t have a star, just like we won’t have a daddy.”

It was dark by then, and time for bed, as Santa would soon be there. As Rhea lay in the huge Victorian bed, between her mum and grandmum, she could sense snowflakes falling quietly outside.

The next morning, everyone was up early – do you know why? It was after all Christmas Day and they were eager to see what Santa had left under the tree, and second, to look for the Christmas star in the sky. After a traditional breakfast of apple pancakes, the family sat down to open the presents.

Santa had brought Rhea’s mum the oven she wanted, and grandmum a pair of red glasses and a muffler. And guess what was there for Rhea? Loads – a doll buggy she had asked for, a tiny tea set to play with, a little purse, crayons, a dainty hat, and a pretty pink umbrella. And that was not all!

Rhea was about to hop over to the neighbor’s place when mum stopped her. “Rhea there’s something more for you.” (Christmas Special Story In English)

Rhea turned around to find tears in her mum’s eyes. In a puzzled voice, she asked, “From who mum?” There was a surprise in Rhea’s voice.

“I found this gift in your dad’s closet when we got the tree down,” Rhea’s mum explained. “It was already wrapped so I put it under the tree. I think your dad’s left it for you.”

“Let me hurry and open it,” Rhea said excitedly. Shakily she opened the box. Her face lit up with joy when she unfolded the tissue paper and pulled out a glorious golden star. It was more beautiful than anything she had ever seen.

A note fell on her lap. Her voice trembled as she read it aloud - (Christmas Special Story In English)

“My darling daughter Rhea, don’t be angry with your daddy, dear. I wish I was here holding you in my arms so that you wouldn’t feel so terrible about losing your favorite star. 

In fact, I very much wanted to be with you. Alas! Fate has other plans. I broke your star while putting away the decorations last year, and I couldn’t bear to tell you. 

I knew how upset my princess would be. I thought it was time for a new one so I bought one for you. I hope it brings you as much joy as the first one. “Merry Christmas. Love, Daddy……….”

Neither Rhea nor her mum nor grandmum could say anything – they wept quietly each for the wonderful person who was not there with them for Christmas, maybe the first time in their lives. 

And, they did understand how important the mission must have been to keep him away.

As for Rhea, she brushed her tears aside and said, “Mum, this will always be my most treasured gift. Thanks, daddy. 

I know you can hear me! Mum, we will make this Christmas very special. After all, that’s the way daddy would have wanted it.”

And, yes, it was special indeed! (Christmas Special Story In English)

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