Short Christmas Special Story In English🔥🔥🔥

Short Christmas Special Story In English🔥🔥🔥

Tony’s Christmas Gift – A Short Story

It was the day before Christmas and seven-year-old Tony was very annoyed. “Mum, why does it have to happen this way with me always?” he asked his mother stomping around the room. Roy and Rachel, his elder siblings, were always the lucky ones to have all the fun.

Do you know why Tony was so upset? That night his siblings were going out with their neighborhood friends on a sleigh ride. Tony wanted to go too – but his parents did not let him. Why? Cause he was their “little kid”. “When will I no longer be “too little” for things I really want to do?” he wondered.

“Mum, please tell me when will I be big enough.” Mrs. Gomes smiled. “Tony, next year you’ll be big enough to go. But now sweetie pie, it’s time for bed,” she said.

A dejected Tony went up to the room he shared with baby Tiara. “I am much bigger than Tiara. Why do Roy and Rachel always do things together, while I get stuck with the baby?” he complained.

All his mum did was just hug Tony tight. “One day you’ll be big. I promise you that,” she said. Then she tucked her babies under their blankets and kissed them goodnight.

Tony had just closed his eyes when he heard a jingling noise outside. He ran and looked out of the window just in time to see Roy and Rachel climbing into a pretty sleigh. A beautiful horse was pulling it. The sleigh was full of laughing boys and girls dressed in their best clothes and heavy scarves. And as the sleigh pulled away from the house, Tony could hear everyone sing Jingle Bells with joy. Poor Tony watched the excited boys and girls ride away and felt all the more miserable. Quietly, he went back to his bed.

The next day was Christmas Eve. Papa called Roy and Rachel, “Am sure you people had loads of fun last night. Now, we need to go to the market in the city and buy our Christmas tree.”

“Yipee! Daddy, I’ll come, too!” shouted Tony.

“No, you need to stay here with your mother and little sister,” said Mr. Gomes, “Next year you’ll be big enough to help.”

Tony was so disappointed that he could not help his tears. Mrs. Gomes decided to do something.

What? She and Tony made long strings of red cherries and streamers for decorations. Little Tiara watched them. She tried to grab the cherries with her tiny hands, which amused her elder brother Tony to no end. And for Tony, well, it wasn’t such a bad morning after all.

Tony’s father and siblings returned before lunch, half-covered with snow. They dragged in a huge tree. “We can decorate the tree post-lunch,” said Papa. The whole family gathered in the big hall to put colored balls, angels, toys, streamers, and tinsel on the tree.

Then Tony said, “Roy and Rachel, please see what mum and I made this morning.” And proudly, he took out his strings of cherries and the streamers. They were indeed very pretty and Tony was praised a lot. Roy lifted Tony and helped him hang them from the tallest branches. Tony was exhilarated. He was sure that his decorations were the best of all.

That night, all three of the Gomes’ kids hung their stockings by the fireplace. They also put up a little red-and-white-striped one for baby Tiara as she was too small to do it herself. “Now it’s off to bed for Tony and the baby,” mama announced, “So early?” said Tony. He wanted to beg to be allowed to stay up a little longer. But for once, he didn’t. Why? Because the next day was Christmas and he could do anything he wanted!

Tony had barely closed his eyes when daddy and mum came into the room. How could it be time to get up already? “Sweethearts don’t go to sleep yet,” daddy told Tony and Tiara. “Your mum, Roy, Rachel and I have a huge surprise for you!”

Mum and Daddy carried the two little ones, all wrapped in their warm blankets, to the door of their house. And guess what the surprise was? Well, there was a beautiful red sleigh just in front of the house! It was decorated with bells and streamers. Without wasting any time, the whole family got into the sleigh. And as they slowly started to glide across the snow, the bells tinkled.

Tony had received the ultimate Christmas gift – a ride in the beautiful sleigh.

Soon they were speeding along to the jingling bells. And Tony felt they were flying! As they rode, everyone began to sing:

Jingle bells! Jingle bells!

Jingle all the way!

Oh, what fun it is to ride

In a one-horse open sleigh!

After a while, it was time to return home. The swaying of the sleigh made it hard for Tony to keep his eyes open. He leaned his head against his father’s big shoulder. He smiled up at everyone and said, “This is the best Christmas surprise I’ve ever had!”

Back home, as Tony’s eyes slowly shut in sleep, he hummed to himself, “Jingle all the way…”

Wish You Were Here – Children Story

Little Ryan sat quietly at the window, staring at the falling snow. He loved snow, but today he was sad. Why? It was Christmas Eve, and he was scared that the snow might ruin his Christmas. Ryan was afraid that his older brother Ron would not be able to make it home for Christmas because of the snowstorm.

“What about my special present for him!” Ryan thought. Wonder what it was? Ryan had painted a picture of their garden with his best crayons and wanted to gift it to Ron for Christmas to hang in his hostel room.

Just then his father called, “We need to go to town to finish our Christmas shopping. We also have to buy our tree so dress up soon.”

Ryan dressed and followed his dad out. Picking up his small shovel, he set to work. Helping dad shovel the snow made him feel better.

Soon, they were on their way to the town. Because of the snow, Mr. Jones, Ryan’s dad, had to drive slowly. “I have my picture for Ron with me,” Ryan announced to all, “I hope to find a frame to fit it when we get to the shopping mall.”

When they reached the mall, Ryan ran over to a counter selling glossy, tall trees. “Ron will love this tree mum!” he shouted and then he remembered. Ron might not be home at all. He felt depressed again.

Mom and dad came over to see the tree Ryan had found. “That’s a great tree. We should buy it. And even if Ron isn’t here to see it, he’d still be happy we had such a beautiful tree,” said Dad.

His parents then took Ryan to the counter where picture frames were sold. He checked it all and said, “I like this wooden one. It reminds me of the wooden tree-house in my picture.”

The wooden frame was just the right size and Ryan was very pleased. “I’m getting this just in case Ron can make it,” he said.

“I know how much you want him to be here tonight,” his mum said, “but it is still snowing hard. Honey, you mustn’t be too disappointed.”

“But I can wish he’d come,” Ryan asked. Then Ryan noticed a crowd of people on his way out. He ran to get a closer look and saw it was Santa! Children were sitting on his lap and talking to him.

“Daddy can I go and speak to Santa?” begged Ryan. Dad agreed and Ryan ran to get into the queue of kids waiting for their turn to speak to Santa line. It seemed to take forever, but finally, it was his turn.

When Ryan climbed up on Santa’s lap, Santa asked, “What would you like for Christmas little one?”

“I wish my brother Ron could get home,” Ryan said. “The snow is so deep that mum and dad don’t think he can make it.”

“Well, I don’t deliver people on Christmas Eve, just toys,” said Santa. “But let me tell you a secret. Tonight, make a wish on the biggest, brightest star – the Wishing Star – in the sky before going to bed.”

“Will it really work?” Ryan pleaded. “Well, give it a try little one,” said Santa.

It was snowing harder on the way home, but Ryan did not give up hope. Back home, he told them about Santa’s Wishing Star.

“We do make wishes every now and then,” said mum, “but sometimes they may not come true.”

“I’m going to try, anyway,” insisted Ryan.

That night after dinner, the three of them decorated the Christmas tree with colored lights and balls and lots of tinsel. Ryan thought sadly, “It would be so wonderful if Ron were here to see our beautiful tree.”

Mr. Jones put a beautiful golden angel on the pinnacle. “I think this is the best tree we’ve ever had!” he exclaimed.

Ryan put the final touches on the tree and went over to the window and looked out. The snow had stopped falling. And right overhead was a star the little one had never seen before. It was the biggest and brightest star in the sky, sparkling, just as Santa had said.

Ryan closed his eyes and said, “Please, please make my Christmas wish come true Wishing Star. I wish my Ron would come home tonight, so we can have fun together this Christmas.”

It was time to go to bed and Ryan did so after hanging his stocking by the fireplace. He kissed his parents and went to his room.

His parents too hoped their elder son would be home!

Just then they heard someone knocking on the front door.

“Who is it at this time of the night?” asked dad.

The door flew open, and guess what!!!!! There was Ron with his bags and baggage, panting for breath!

Ryan rushed to the door, flung his little arms around his brother, and simply threw Ron on the sofa.

He was so happy! Ron had come after all. His Christmas wish had come true! His big brother was there with him. Ron's eyes too glistened with tears – of joy. Ryan was dearest to him.

That night, sleeping next to Ron, hugging him tight when Ryan looked out of his window, he saw the Wishing Star was still there in the sky.

“Thank you, Wishing Star. Thank you, Jesus,” he whispered. “I knew you would make my dream come true. Thanks again for making this my best Christmas ever!”

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