Little Ben – Christmas Special Story In English πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Little Ben – Christmas Special Story In English

Little Ben – Christmas Special Story In English πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Christmas Special Story In English: Seven-year-old Ben was super excited. Christmas was just a day away. With his mum Rhea, he hurried into the crowded shop to grab some last-minute Christmas gifts. 

With his little hands, he jostled his way into the toy section as his mum watched him with amusement. While some people mumbled at the prices of the toys, little Ben got busy selecting toy cars for himself.

Suddenly Rhea found that instead of focusing on the car in his hand, he was staring at something in the corner. (Little Ben – Christmas Special Story In English)

Out of the corner of her eye, Rhea saw a little boy, rather shabbily dressed, gently holding a doll. Ben was staring at him in a strange manner. 

The boy kept touching the blonde doll’s hair as he held her. “Mum, I wonder who the doll is for,” said Ben to Rhea when he saw his mum looking at what he had been.

Both watched him turn to an old lady and ask earnestly, “Are you sure I don’t have enough money for this?” The lady replied impatiently, “Song, you do know that you don’t have enough money for it. It’s too expensive.” (Little Ben – Christmas Special Story In English)

The boy’s face fell but he continued to hold the doll. Rhea was touched to see Ben look sad when the lady told the little boy to keep the doll back and wait for her there as she had to go get some other things. “Song, I shall be back in a few minutes and we will go home then.”

Rhea watched Ben leave her side and walk up to Song. The contrast between the two little ones was a little too marked. (Little Ben – Christmas Special Story In English)

Ben, all smartly dressed and Song, clothed in a dirty attire. Ben gave him one of his precious bars of chocolate. Rhea knew Ben had taken a liking to that boy or he wouldn’t have shred his coco bar.

Then Ben gently asked the boy who the doll was for. Song lifted his tear-stained face and said, “It’s for my sister. She wanted this doll badly for Christmas. She wanted Santa to bring it.”

Little Ben did not know what to say to this. So, Rhea walked up and told the boy that may be Santa was going to bring it. But, Song said “Well aunty, my sister is with Jesus. 

She left last week. Santa can’t go there.” Before Rhea could react, he continued, “Dad says Mommy will join her soon. So, I want to give the doll to my Mommy for her.”

Ben kept staring as the boy again said, “I have begged Dad to tell Mommy to wait till I got back from the store.” (Little Ben – Christmas Special Story In English)

Then Song pulled out some pictures from his pocket and showed them to the two of them. “I want Mommy to take this with her so that she always remembers me.”

By this time, the old lady had come back and asked Song to leave with her. They left the toy section. Rhea too wheeled her cart away with Ben by her side.

Suddenly Ben pulled at her skirt and asked her, “Mum, can I please have some money?” Rhea was surprised. “Sweetheart, what do you need money for. We will buy all that you want,” she assured her son. (Little Ben – Christmas Special Story In English)

“Mum, I want to gift the blonde toy to Song, please mum,” Ben begged of Rhea. “Mum, I promise not to ask you for anything till next Christmas. Let this be your Christmas gift for me,” said Ben.

Rhea was so touched. She hugged him tight. Little Ben had really understood what Christmas was all about. What more could a mum ask of her son!

Rhea reached into her purse and pulled out some money. “Now Ben here is more than Song would need for that doll. Ask him to buy the doll for his sister and a nice toy car for himself,” Rhea said.

“Even then I can see it’s too much Mum, you sure you want to give it all to him? Won’t Daddy be angry,” asked Ben. (Little Ben – Christmas Special Story In English)

Gulping her tears, Rhea added, “Ben, without his mum, Song will be very lonely. You can tell him to buy lots to games to keep himself busy, okay.” Ben nodded as his mum slipped the money into his hand.

Ben ran after Song as Rhea followed with tears flowing down her cheeks. For once, she felt grateful for the family her Ben had. (Little Ben – Christmas Special Story In English)

He would never be lonely for she would always be there with him. She wiped her tears away as she reached them.

The money was plenty for the doll. Song softly thanked Ben and said, “Thank you Jesus for giving me so much money.” 

Song explained, “I had just asked Jesus to give some money to buy this doll so Mommy can take it with her to give to my sister.”

“Jesus heard my prayer and has given me so much,” said Song as he hugged Ben tight. “Granny, we can come back for my car and games later. They must be waiting for us at home,” said Song.

The old lady was about to say something to Rhea but she understood what had happened. They left quietly. (Little Ben – Christmas Special Story In English)

To lighten things, Rhea asked Ben if he had chosen his plane. He had coveted it for long. “No, mum I just had my gift. Thanks,” replied Ben very calmly. 

That night for the first time, without anyone coaxing me, Ben prayed for some 5 minutes before going to sleep. 

He also held his parents closer than usual before leaving for his room. The love that Song had for his mum and sister has affected Ben as well! (Little Ben – Christmas Special Story In English)

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Goodbyes – Christmas Special Story In English

Goodbyes – Christmas Special Story In English πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Christmas Special Story In English: It was Christmas again when the streets were covered with snow. And, everywhere you turned, things looked pristine white. Dana loved Christmas time. 

She thought Christmas was magical and secretly believed in Santa Claus. She loved the colorful lights, Xmas trees, and the snowfall. It made everything even more beautiful!

Most importantly, Dana felt loved and treasured for it was the time when everyone showed how much they cared. (Goodbyes – Christmas Special Story In English)

Friends and relatives showered gifts on you too. And Dana knew that if you were lucky, your beloved would show you how much they love you.

Dana had all of the above in her life, apart from the ‘special’ someone. She wanted Santa to gift her with a ‘special one’ for Christmas, a ‘special someone to love’. 

Not that she was desperate. It was just that Dana wasn’t too good at relationships. So, she couldn’t help but be jealous when she saw her friends with the loves of their lives!

Whenever she saw her best friend Janet and her boyfriend Ron together, Dana would squirm. She would feel sad. (Goodbyes – Christmas Special Story In English)

Especially when he’d hug Janet close from behind and kiss her cheek. Even a stranger could tell that Ron was head over heels in love with Janet, and vice versa.

Dana missed a Ron in her life. A Ron who would do little things for her. A Ron who would write little love notes and put them in her jacket pocket, or kiss her mad.

But Dana did have a Ron once, back in her high school. It was Logan Smith. She remembered everything about him – his smile, laugh and the way he looked when he was upset or angry.

His eyes were a dark shade of blue. When he looked at Dana, she would feel lost. They were great pals. They had never gone out, although everyone said they should. 

Everyone thought they were perfect for each other. (Goodbyes – Christmas Special Story In English)

Yet, they never went out. Why? Dana wasn’t sure. But Logan had asked her out. He had kissed her too. Dana still remembered it. 

It was her birthday and she was alone at home. Logan had come to greet her. He had worn a black tux. Dana was surprised because he hated formals. In her drawing room, Logan had bent down on one knee and asked her –

“Dana, will you go out with me?” (Goodbyes – Christmas Special Story In English)

Dana had been so surprised because Logan wanted to go out on a date with her! Then he had kissed her – on her cheeks. 

But then reality had hit, and Dana wasn’t sure of her feelings anymore. She was afraid, afraid that he would crush her heart if she gave it to him.

She had pulled away from him. “I can’t,” she had whispered. A shocked Logan had simply turned away from her….. and left. 

Next day on, Logan stopped talking or acknowledging her. Dana and Ron had gone from being together to avoiding each other at all costs. (Goodbyes – Christmas Special Story In English)

After school they lost touch. Mutual friends said his family had moved to another city. Today, Dana knew she’d be lying if she said she didn’t regret what she had done. She wished she could go back and change things!

Putting depressing thoughts away, Dana decided to get ready for the party at her aunt’s place. Dana’s aunt Maggie loved celebrating Christmas with friends and family. 

But when her aunt Maggie told her that Janet and Ron would be attending the party, Dana was surprised because it was she who always invited them. Aunt Maggie never did.

On Christmas eve, Dana wore her new dress. Janet had helped her buy it at the mall. It was a wine-colored gown with a halter neck. (Goodbyes – Christmas Special Story In English)

The shimmery satin material felt good on her skin. The dress was beautiful and Dana knew that she looked very fetching indeed. Her pumps too matched her dress. 

The flowy gown made Dana feel like a million bucks. She curled her straight hair into soft ringlets. She applied some blush to her cheeks with some mascara and some eye shadow. 

Some lip gloss was the final touch. Maybe the party wouldn’t be so bad, thought Dana. She felt gorgeous with the dress.

When she was finally ready, a car horn honked. Janet and Ron were there to pick her up. Dana ran to the car. But Ron wasn’t there. It was just Janet.

“Where’s Ron?” Dana asked. (Goodbyes – Christmas Special Story In English)

“He’s driving there with his friend,” Janet said non-chalanatly.

When they reached aunt Maggie’s place, they found many cars in front of the big mansion. In they went and greeted Aunt Maggie. 

Then they went off to find Ron and his friend. When they got closer, Dana saw who was standing with Ron and she nearly choked on the nugget she was having.

“Janet, shit that’s Logan!” Dana exclaimed.

“Really?” Janet asked, looking not-too surprised. (Goodbyes – Christmas Special Story In English)

“You mean girl, you set this up!” Dana exclaimed in shock, finally getting it.

Finding the perfect dress and shoes, Ron driving in a separate car with his friend. Why Janet was so vague as to who Ron’s friend was. It all made sense!

“Janet I don’t want to meet him. I am sure he hates me! I want to leave now!” Dana exclaimed in panic.

“No you can’t, I’ve worked way too hard for this to work out,” Janet said, grabbing her arm. (Goodbyes – Christmas Special Story In English)

Dana tried escaping, but Ron had already seen them and both he and Logan walked up to them.

“Hey honey,” Ron kissed Janet, wrapping his arm around her waist. The teo lovebirds seemed lost in each other.

Logan and Dana remained silent, not saying a word. Ron and Janet just looked at them, as if waiting for something to happen.

After a few boring minutes, Janet asked Ron to go with her to get drinks for all of them. It was then Dana noticed that Logan looked different. His smile wasn’t bright like it used to be. He looked sad.

“Hello Logan,” Dana said quietly. (Goodbyes – Christmas Special Story In English)

“Hey Dana. It’s been long,” he replied.

One thing led to another and the two started talking as if they had never been apart.

“You married? What’s that ring?” asked Logan.

“My parents gave it to me for my birthday just before I went to college,” Dana said.

“So, are you dating anyone?” Dana asked, silently praying he wasn’t.

He smiled humorlessly, “Well gave up on love after what happened with you,” said Logan.

“Logan, I’m sorry,” Dana began.

“It doesn’t matter anymore,” Logan snapped at her.

“Don’t snap at me, Logan!” Dana exclaimed. (Goodbyes – Christmas Special Story In English)

“I think I have a reason too! You led me on and crushed it all in a few minutes!” he exclaimed.

“Logan I never led you on!”

“Yes, you did Dana!”

“You weren’t the only one who was heartbroken!” Dana cried out.

“You never were! I was the one in love with you!”

“In love with me?” Dana said quietly.

“Yes I was! From the moment I first saw you! Was it that hard to see? Everyone else knew I loved you, except for you!” said Logan.

“I was scared! Terrified you would simply play with me and break my heart. When you left, I cried! Then when you didn’t talk to me I think I died inside, because you wouldn’t even look at me!”

Logan didn’t say anything. He just stood there staring at Dana. (Goodbyes – Christmas Special Story In English)

Dana turned around to leave the mansion. Tears welled up in her eyes as she walked.

“Please wait sweetheart!” Logan yelled after Dana.

Dana stopped. Turned around to look at him.

“Logan I’m sorry..I” (Goodbyes – Christmas Special Story In English)

But she didn’t get to finish the sentence because Logan’s lips came crashing down on hers. Dana’s opened her mouth gladly. 

His lips tasted of mint, probably from the candy canes. Dana melted, kissing him back with all the love she had. She ran her hands through his curly locks.

“Don’t ever walk away from me. That happened once, it’ll never happen again,” he murmured still kissing me. (Goodbyes – Christmas Special Story In English)

“I have always loved you Logan,” whispered Dana when he finally released her.

“I never stopped loving you Dana. That’s why I haven’t dated anyone, because no girl could replace you.”

“Ron look at these two, kissing under the mistletoe,” Janet exclaimed with glee.

“Didn’t I tell you they still had the hots for each other,” said a confident Ron. (Goodbyes – Christmas Special Story In English)

Dana and Logan looked up to see if there really was mistletoe above then. There was!

“Merry Christmas Logan,” greeted Dana.

“Merry Christmas my love,” Logan said, before bowing down to kiss Dana again. (Goodbyes – Christmas Special Story In English)

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