Ghost In The Car Real Ghost Story In English πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Ghost In The Car Real Ghost Story In English πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Ghost In The Car Real Ghost Story In English πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

This is a true incident which happened with my friend Vishal two years ago. That day, Vishal had much work in office so he had to work till late night. 

When he finished that and looked at his watch, it was 10 pm. He at once left the office , got inside his car and left for home. Due to late night, roads were deserted. 

Only couple of minutes would have passed, just then he saw on the side of the road, an old lady was standing. She was waving at him to stop the car. 

Seeing this, vishal rolled over to her side. That old lady asked for lift. "Poor old lady" he thought and opened the door for her. She would have been around 65 years old. 

Slowly, they began conversation . It would have been only 5 minutes or so, just then he saw in front of him, on side of road, a man was waving at them. He must be around 40. 

When vishal stopped the car near him, he came running to the vishal's window and said that his car has died down and he urgently needs to reach home. 

That man reminded Vishal of himself , when few months back, he himself was in same kind of situation. Remembring that , he asked him to hop in and that man sat in the backseat. 

Car was moving ahead in high speed. They all tried to get to know each other as they drove along. But soon , things started getting strange. 

In the last 15 minutes, they nearly escaped two accidents and the second one was too close. They got saved by some inches. Not just that, car's headlights would sometimes turn on and off themselves. 

The engine would die and then come back on its own. As if there was someone else too in the car besides 3 of them. "Maybe a bad spirit" Vishal thought and he got bit scared. 

Seeing him worried , the man in the backseat said, "I think you are tired of work, here, let me drive." "No, no i am completely fine." vishal said. "You sure?" that old lady asked. 

"Yes i am alright" "But i think matter is something else" He found it difficult how to tell them. and then said, "I think, there is someone else too in car other than us 3." 

Hearing this, that man said, "What!?" "I seriously think you should let me drive" "You are just tired." But vishal nodded his head so as to disagree and kept driving. 

Soon he started to lose his focus on the road His vision began blurry all of a sudden and he felt dizzy too. Before something happens, he parked the car on the side of road and he thought to relax for some time before moving ahead. 

Due to those incidents happening in car, he was still scared. He had passed from this route so many times before. 

but none of this happened before. Sitting in car, he was lost in these thoughts just then a man passed by the side of car. 

Seeing him, vishal thought "maybe we 3 who are inside the car are afflicted by spirit and therefore cant see anything paranormal , but a person who is outside the car, maybe he could see something else." 

Thinking this, he called that man passing by side of car. When that man came up to the window, vishal asked him, "Sir, i know this would sound weird but how many people you see inside the car?" 

First that man got surprised by this but then he looked inside he first looked at vishal , then at the old lady sitting beside him and then at backseat , where that man was sitting. 

Vishal's got scared by now his heart was pumping hard , he couldnt control himself and asked him again, "Its just we three in the car, right?" 

Hearing this, that man outside got shocked with fear. and looking at him vishal got more scared. That man outside started shouting , "Sir, get out of the car ! " Vishal got pale with fear. 

Also, he got confused. He asked him, "Wha.. What happened?" That man shouted again , "Sir ! I am telling you to get out of the car , right now !" 

Hearing this, vishal asked him while opening the door, "What..What happened, Whats the matter !?" Then that man shouted again, "Sir, there's just you inside !!!" Vishal fainted when he heard that. 

When he got back to his senses, he found himself lying on a bench on side of road and surrounded by people. They breath a sigh of relief when he woke up. 

Among those people, vishal also noticed that man who asked him to step out of car. He thanked him from the bottom of his heart and said "You saved my life tonight , If you weren't there, then i dont know what would have happened." If you liked this story, then please share this post and subscribe the website for more. See you in next story.

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