Expectations – Christmas Special Story In English🔥🔥🔥

Expectations – Christmas Special Story In English🔥🔥🔥

Expectations – Christmas Special Story In English🔥🔥🔥

Christmas Special Story In English: It was Christmas eve. Festivities were gathering momentum in the Whitney household. Nina was glad that she had Jack to spend her Christmas with. Jack was her sister May’s brother-in-law. And well, they had been dating each other for months now.

Last Christmas had been a miserable one for Nina. She had broken off with her long-term boyfriend Ned. He was not worth her. (Christmas Special Story In English)

All he wanted was to go to bed with her. For Nina, love was beyond the physical realm. And she wanted to take the final plunge with one she trusted absolutely.

So while her friends showed off their boyfriends, she had felt like a lost waif amidst them! Not this time, thought Nina. She had her Jack after all. 5 Most Haunted Places In Rome-Italy 🔥🔥🔥

Their relationship was going strong, as Nina blossomed under Jack’s attention. He made her feel so special, so beautiful. (Christmas Special Story In English)

She loved it when he would casually sweep her into his arms and kiss her breathlessly. At times, she even instigated it. She would surrender herself to him. Jack, on the other hand, was always in control.

But for Nina these moments of passion were not enough. She wanted more from Jack, more from their relationship. At 28 years, she wanted him to ask her to spend the rest of her life with him. That day was yet to come!

She was to spend the evening with him in his new apartment. She had helped him decorate it. In fact, Jack had insisted on her doing up the place. 

Though she did not know why. She did not dare think anything else. Best not to hope, if you don’t want to be disappointed later, she believed. (Christmas Special Story In English)

Nina dressed carefully. This was to be a special evening, leading to Christmas. Gosh, she wanted everything to be perfect. She wore a pretty white gown and long danglers with them. Just like Jack liked it. 9 Most Mysterious Islands On Earth 🔥🔥🔥

She made her way to Jack’s flat and pressed the bell. She suddenly felt very nervous when he opened the door. His dark eyes smoldered as she walked in. 

“Nina, you look lovely.” She lifted her face for his kiss and by the time he released her, Nina was shaking with desire for him.

“Thank Jack.” She smiled. “I wanted to look nice for our first Christmas eve.” (Christmas Special Story In English)

He led her into the living room. The lighting was low and romantic. Soothing music was playing in the background. Jack watched her looking around his home. 

Nina liked what she saw. After all, she had chosen most of the items on display, the cushions and curtains included.

He knew that the time had come. She was ready for him; ready to accept his proposal. And what better time to reveal his feelings than on Christmas eve.

Nina became aware of Jack still hovering by the main door. She looked over at him questioningly. (Christmas Special Story In English)

“What is it Jack?” she asked softly. 10 Most Mysterious And Beautiful Forests In The World 🔥🔥🔥

“I think I would like to make love to you.” He stated it abruptly, but his eyes burned her.

Jack wanted to see if she trusted him fully. If she would surrender to him completely. Not that he had any intention of doing anything of the sort!

Nina was not ready for this. Her last few days with Jack had been the happiest she had ever known. The attraction between them was mutual but what she did not know was if he really loved her. 

She was not sure if he wanted to marry her. So she was not ready for that as yet. (Christmas Special Story In English)

She allowed her gaze to drop from his and licked her lips nervously. “I am not sure,” she whispered. She thought he would be furious. He was not.

Jack simply pulled her into his arms, to show what he felt for her. He felt warm and she felt good with him. 

His kiss was what every young girl who had ever dreamt of being swept up by the handsome prince expected. Nina swayed at the impact of his emotional onslaught.

“I love you Nina,” he whispered softly. (Christmas Special Story In English)

He felt her tense in surprise and looked down to see her eyes shining up at him. 9 Mysterious Places That Leave Scientists Confused 🔥🔥🔥

“You really mean it? Are you sure?” she asked, her excitement sternly in check.

Jack blinked down at her and nodded. “You, Ms Nina Whitney, ARE the love of my life.”

She pulled away from him and stared at him in confusion. “I thought….” she began with a frown.

Jack sighed. “You ARE the reason why I bought the new place. I wanted us to move in here after we are married.” (Christmas Special Story In English)

“Married!” she felt as if the floor fell away from her and dropped down on to his sofa. “Married,” she gasped again unable to add anything more.

Jack grinned down at her with a crooked little tilt of his lips. “You don’t have to sound so surprised.”

“Jack I don’t know what to say. Am sorry that I never trusted you to ask me to marry you, I do love you,” she said. Mysterious Lost Cities In Amazon Rain Forest 🔥🔥🔥

Jack tried to keep his manner casual, but as Nina hugged him, she felt him shudder. As she looked into his eyes, she love for her reflected in his eyes.

That midnight when the bells chimed in the churches around, Jack swept up Nina into his arms and spun her around. (Christmas Special Story In English)

He lowered her to the rug in front of the fireplace and kissed her, a kiss that was gentle but passionate, and full of promise, promise for the days to come.

“You may have waited a few months for me,” he whispered. “But I’ve waited for you my whole life.” Unsolved Mysteries Of The Amazon Rain Forest 🔥🔥🔥

“Was I worth the wait?” Nina asked as the surrounding reverberated with the chimes. It was as if God Himself was cheering for them. As the whole world prayed, the love birds rejoiced in their love.

His smile melted away any doubts that may have been there. “Absolutely! You are worth every bit of that wait!” (Christmas Special Story In English)


Having Joy – Christmas Special Story In English🔥🔥🔥

Having Joy – Christmas Special Story In English🔥🔥🔥

Christmas Special Story In English: Little Sherry had just turned four and she considered that to be quite big indeed. Big enough to play with her elder brother Sam who considered her a pest. 

Unlike 15-year-old Sam, Sherry’s Christmas meant Santa’s gifts. After all, she was too young to spend the occasion with her equally tiny friends. (Christmas Special Story In English)

So while Sam was allowed to party whole night on Christmas eve, little Sherry would count the hours before she would wake up on Christmas morning to check out the treasures bestowed on her.

She was yet to understand the true meaning of the festival, little that she was, but was still enchanted by its magic. (Christmas Special Story In English)

Her innocent excitement every time she unwrapped Santa’s gifts was a great gift to her parents and her brother, reminding them of heir own childhood. Finally Solved These Big Mysteries From Ancient World 🔥🔥🔥

That year Sherry received a rather unusual Christmas present. Not too impressed with the dolls and crayons, which she already had in plenty, the most prized gift for her that Christmas eve was a giant bubble-maker. 

It was not anything fancy. She had yearned for one of her own ever since she had seen that man blow bubbles at the fest grounds during Spring festival. 

Sherry’s bubble-maker was a simple pink toy. The label on the box promised large shiny bubbles. Bubbles large enough to swallow wide-eyed four-year-olds.

Sherry couldn’t wait to show it off to her bro Sam. She was sure that Sam too would love it. And Sam did not disappoint her. (Christmas Special Story In English)

For a change, Sam decided to indulge his kid sister as it was Christmas day. Both Sherry and Sam were excited about trying it out. 

Sam read the instruction booklet the whole morning while Sherry played with some of her other new toys.Overnight In World's Most Haunted Forest 🔥🔥🔥

Whoever had invented the bubble-maker had tried all types of detergents for creating bubbles and discovered that a certain detergent called Joy would create the biggest bubbles. Sam realised he would have to buy some.

In the late afternoon, Sam was awakened by Sherry’s cries in the house. Sherry was up and running about the house trying to help their mum decorate the house. 

Christmas Day festivities would soon begin. Sam went towards the kitchen for a mug of coffee. In the hallway, Sherry bumped against him. She was breathless.

“Sammy, I was going to your room, but mum asked me to let you sleep?” she said. (Christmas Special Story In English)

The bubble- maker was clutched tight in her chubby little hand. Her face glowed with the magic of Christmas. Her eyes were shining with excitement, and she asked, “Sammy, can we make the bubbles now?”

Sam sighed heavily and looked towards the window. He had to make preparations for the party tonight. He had to iron his sweatshirt and a new pair of jeans. 

He looked towards the kitchen. His mum was busy with pudding and pie. And in the master bedroom, dad was getting his suit ready for church that night.

“Sherry, not now. Maybe later. I am groggy and I need some coffee. Moreover, I have a party tonight,” said Sam, his voice a little annoyed.

Sherry’s smile fell away. And the sight of that hit Sam hard. He had burst the little one’s Christmas bubble. (Christmas Special Story In English)

He had been too concerned about his own selfish problem. The tiny tears, which had formed at the corner of her eyes, broke Sam’s heart a little.

But Sam was not four years old. He was a grown-up. He could fix this with his brains and wit. He knew that they did not have that particular brand of bubble-making detergent

in the house. Without upsetting her further, he coolly laid the blame on the absent detergent. “Besides Sherry, you need to have Joy,” he said. A Journey To The End Of Universe Mysterious Galaxy 🔥🔥🔥

The strange look on Sherry’s face scared Sam. What if she started crying? That would upset everyone. But, hang on! Sherry’s eyes lit up. In less than an instant, Sherry solved her brother’s small problem with a wonderful truth.

“O! Sammy,” she yelled, with all the enthusiasm and Christmas excitement she could possibly communicate, “I do have Joy, lots of it!” (Christmas Special Story In English)

Sam couldn’t help but burst out laughing. He ran down the stairs, into the lawn, and drove as quickly as he could to the departmental store in the locality for his Joy. After all, Sherry had hers.

The entire family was out on the front lawn, creating gigantic, shiny orbs – each one filled with Joy and shimmering in the bright Christmas sun. And Sherry and Sam led the pack. Both had the most wonderful Christmas! (Christmas Special Story In English)

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