Best Web Hosting: 5 Unique Web Hosting Providers For You

Best Web Hosting: 5 Unique Web Hosting Providers For You
Best Web Hosting: 5 Unique Web Hosting Providers For You

Best Web Hosting: 5 Unique Web Hosting Providers For You

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 1.     Hostpapa
2.    Hostinger
3.   A2 hosting
4.      Bluehost
5. DreamHost

How do you choose the best web hosting provider? Well, there's certainly a lot of companies to go with not that many of them are actually good. And besides, different web hosting providers focus on different kinds of clients. There is no magical one-size-fits-all solution. 

To help you choose which web hosting provider is the best for you I'll go over 5 different scenarios and I'll explain which web hosting company fits what type of website the best. So, it doesn't matter what kind of website you're making you will be able to find the best solution for you!

Hostpapa is the best choice for you if you've never created a website before. If you're a complete beginner and this is your first time you're not sure how any of this works and you buy a plan with Hostpapa they will actually teach you for free. 

They provide a unique service in which you're able to schedule a call with one of their employees and they will walk you through basic training step by step. It's like having a friend sitting next to you and explaining exactly what you need to do and how to do it. 

They will teach you how to connect a domain to your website, how to create a website without programming knowledge, how to modify it and add content and how to turn your website into an online store. And much more depending on your needs. 

Their prices are reasonable starting at just $3.95 cents per month you get everything you need for your website and you won't have to buy anything separately. They have 24/7 support that you can chat with if you ever run into issues and their support agents reply instantly. 

If you're interested I'll put a link to the full Hostpapa review somewhere around here and now let's move to the best cheap web hosting option Hostinger plans start at just $0.80 that means you can get a 4-year plan for just $35. 

Just because they're cheap it doesn't mean that they're slow or buggy they offer all of the features other providers have and I have never run into any issues with their service being glitchy or being unreliable. 

I've done a lot of performance tests with Hostinger and they're much better than what you'd expect for just 1 dollar a month. Somehow they managed to stay consistently fast and reliable while being super affordable. 

I'm not sure how they do it but I'm happy that they do and if you want to see a more in-depth review of Hostinger I'll put it on the screen right now. For just 80 cents a month, you will get all of the most popular features. 

Like automatic WordPress installation, 24/7 support, custom business email addresses, and fast loading speed. In short, you'll get a professional-grade service just for a really, really, really low price. If you're on a budget I strongly recommend you choose Hostinger

Because you can actually get an even bigger discount on their services if you use the links below and type in the code HOSTING REVIEW you will get an additional 10% OFF. Actually, I leave all the discounts and coupons I have for all hosting providers on this list in the links below. 

I made the Commission when you buy something through my links but that's how I am able to buy more hosting services to test and you get a discount so it's a win for both of us.

If you don't care about the price tag that much, you just want the best possible performance I recommend a2 hosting. Because from the performance tests that I have done myself they were consistently the fastest web hosting around. 

You'll want to get their turbo plan if you don't care about the money. It's usually $18.99 cents per month but I have some discount coupons I can share so you can get that price down to $7 per month. 

You can find the coupons down below, but the reason why a2 hosting turbo plans are faster than anything you can get currently is due to the fact that they come with SSD storage, fewer users per server and more resources are allocated to an individual user. 

Your WordPress installation also comes with a2 optimizations. So, it's faster right out of the box and if you already have a website but you're looking for better performance elsewhere a2 hosting will actually take your website move it to their servers completely free. Overall, a2 hosting offers a really good price to performance ratio.

Because I've definitely seen some web hosting providers that offer web hosting services for like $30 a month and their services suck compared to a2 hosting If you already know that you'll be using WordPress to create your website go with Bluehost. 

They're officially recommended by WordPress themselves and every Bluehost plan comes with the latest version of WordPress already installed. As you can see here Bluehost actually has a custom control panel that will allow you to track the performance of your website and see what's missing. 

They will also keep your WordPress client updated to the latest version automatically. Another big plus is that Bluehost plans are quite cheap as well. Starting at just $2.95 per month if you use the discount below. 

Bluehost is specifically designed to get the most out of WordPress and if you think that Bluehost might be a good fit for your website I actually have a full Bluehost review that you can check out right here.

last on this list but definitely still a very good web hosting provider is DreamHost and their managed WordPress plans called DreamPress. If you don't want to waste your time doing maintenance tasks on your website like updating themes, updating plugins, making sure everything is compatible and doing security checks you need a managed WordPress account. 

And, DreamHost actually offers the best-managed WordPress solutions on the market right now. Their managed plans come with automatic daily backups meaning you can restore your website to a previous version if something goes wrong and they offer free website staging so you have a copy of your website to test new features before launching them to the live version. 

DreamHost managed plants are very cheap compared to other providers just $16.95 a month for comparison other managed solutions will charge you as much as $200 or $300 dollars per month. I have two websites with DreamHost I've never had any performance issues with them and they're actually one of the most stable web hosting providers in the industry right now. 

Because both of my websites are actually sitting at 100% uptime for about two months now if you want to know more about DreamHost I actually have a full review then you can check out right here. So, these were my personal top 5 best web hosting companies that are out there right now. 

To summarize, there really isn't like a magical solution and one size fit all hosting companies are more like tools. They're really good for a specific task but each has its own purpose. And as always good luck making your websites.